Jigsaw records

Friday, June 20th, 2014

North American WeePOP!ers:

The awesome Seattle-based online mail-order Jigsaw records has received a new shipment of weepop! stock now, including the brand new albums by Colin Clary, One Happy Island and Let’s Whisper; so now you can get them without the worry and silly costs of international postage.

Jigsaw specialises in indiepop, power pop, indie rock and lo-fi pop, and sell both new and used records. They stock dozens of labels, hundreds of bands, and an insane amount of great records. Almost too good to be true, but very true indeed.


Monday, June 16th, 2014

Let’s Whisper’s new album As Close As We are, the third and last in our batch of final releases has just popped up in our releases page and is now available to pre-order.

This is the band’s second full length album, and a pretty special project for everyone involved. It’s our very last release, and also marks a period of transitions for Let’s Whisper, both as a band and in their personal lives. You can get a taster for it here, and hear Colin Clary talking about the record in this video.

As Close As We Are will be officially released on June 24th, available in a limited edition of 300 copies pressed onto bright blue vinyl with artwork by award-winning designer Jason Routhier. It’s a gorgeous, gorgeous record. Pre-order it now!

Release Paaaarty

Friday, June 6th, 2014

To celebrate their upcoming album As Close As We Are, Let’s Whisper are throwing a party and playing a gig tomorrow night (Saturday, June 7th) at The Skinny Pancake in Burlington with Sleepyhead (from Boston), Heathers (from LA), then The Spook School (from Scotland).

We’re so jealous of all of you who are not an ocean away from these guys… this is sure to be an amazingly fun night!

Oh, and did I mention the album will be available to buy at the show, two weeks ahead of the official release date?