Colin Clary’s ‘Twee Blues’ to be released on May 13th

Friday, April 11th, 2014

A few months ago, we divulged that we preparing to call it a day, and that we were working on our last releases. Now, we are very excited to announce the official release date for the first of our last three last albums:

Colin Clary’s Twee Blues Vol.1 will be released on May 13th!

I’m sure Colin needs no introduction here, he has been involved in so many great music projects over the years that it would be difficult not to be familiar with his work.

Twee Blues Vol.1 (aka An awesome weekend and a Sunday morning with Brad and Brad and Gary and Bill) is his third solo LP and the first solo release since the long sold-out EP Every little thing counts, that we put out a couple of years ago.

Back in the early stages of the album production, I remember Colin telling me he wanted to make an album that he would love to listen to as a fan; and he was set out go and make the best record he’d ever made. I’m lucky to have had it playing almost continuously for a couple of months now, and as a huge fan myself, I can say it worked – Twee Blues is as affable as it is addictive.

You can hear Colin talking about the album in more detail in the video below, get a little taste for the songs here and here, and pre-order it at our releases page.